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Who is Pappy?

Studio Papa is the creative output of Marcus Taylor and his extended family of collaborators.

Whilst we don’t retain a team in-house anymore, Papa wouldn’t have achieved half of what it is today without the time and talents of a bunch of great people. Namely — Ben Hagley, Lauren Jury Armitage, Nicole Lau, Nathanael Whale, Danielle Emond and Taylor Stevens, who came aboard the Starship Papa for a leg or two of its journey and helped chart its course through the galaxy.

Luckily, these O.G. Pappy’s and others members of the extended Papa family still regularly join us to Voltron together on a project by project basis. Working this way benefits everyone involved; it allows us to keep things agile in the new world order, and it lets us create the right team to meet the brief and budget at hand.


Marcus Taylor

Marcus is a graphic designer, creative director, founder of Studio Papa, printmaking enthusiast and unequivocal dog guy, though he says some cats are ok too. A background in Cultural Studies has given Marcus a strong foundation in critical thinking and a mandate for concept-driven solutions.

A further 10+ years of experience in design brings a keen sense for crafting the details that create compelling aesthetics. With one eye on the big picture and another eye on the details, Marcus brings a unique vision for solving the problem at hand.

While running Studio Papa is Marcus’s day job, he has so many side-hustles that it’s getting harder to call one a centre hustle anymore. Outside of the studio, Marcus spends his time teaching at Curtin University, co-running Poacher’s Ridge winery with his family, and trying to revive the magic of screen printing with the Johnny Two Tone Club.

A great lover of histories cultural oddities, he’s an avid collector of relics, records and overdue reasons to start a savings plan.