Hoochery Distillery - Argyle Pink Bottle

Argyle Pink Native Gin

Branding: Visual Identity

When long time rum makers Hoochery Distillery first decided to make a gin, it was an idea they struggled to get comfortable with. After all, distillery founder Raymond 'Spike' Dessert III famously said, "gin's a city drink. Whiskey's made in a cold area. Rum's made in the warm tropics. Bingo". And with the Hoochery located in Kununurra, gin clearly wasn't on their original roadmap. 

So the question became — how do we make a gin, the Hoochery way. After a good deal of soul searching, Argyle Pink became the answer to that question, and what an answer it is.

The name borrows from the infamous Argyle Diamonds Mine located near the distillery and, of course, is a reference to the product also being a pink gin. Except for Juniper Berries, all the ingredients are native to the area and locally sourced. Even the pink colour of the gin comes from the natural Blood Root, which grows in the region.

Scope of work:

  • Packaging
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Marketing