Black Matter Coffee Roasters Packaging Black Matter Coffee Roasters Packaging

Black Matter Coffee Roasters

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Black Matter Coffee Roasters approached Studio Papa to help evolve their brand, creating new packaging and brand identity.

Black Matter is a no B.S. brand that’s bold and unapologetic.

Embracing the industrial aspect of the brand, we used a loose and dirty execution style to set it well apart from the more feminine competition. Industrial machinery, beasts of the night and science stuff hints at the elixir that powers great minds. We used black on black for a premium tone.

The chosen direction adopts a low-fi zine aesthetic with warped photocopy textures throughout unifying elements and injecting edgy fun times. Multiple versions of the logo have been developed for variety in brand touchpoints.

In addition, we developed a naming strategy for the different coffee blends and varieties on offer.

With the brand identity resolved we created a slew of packaging, stationery, and merch.