Cold Matter

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Not a beer variety, a coffee chill or a fancy new kombucha fusion — cold brew coffee is one of the most misunderstood beverages in the West Australian food and beverage market. First invented in Kyoto, cold brew is the product of steeping coffee bean grind in cold water from anywhere from 12-24 hours to extract a deep yet smooth flavour. Unlike its more frantic cousin the espresso, cold brew isn't forced with pressure and boiling water through a sieve in a matter of seconds, it takes time to develop its flavour and is aptly always served cold, preferably over ice.

Unlike other cold brew products, Cold Matter Cold Brew is proudly made in WA and started as a dedicated cold brew business rather than an in-house downtime activity for cafe staff. Because of this, the quality of their product is exceptional.

Knowing the challenges of this market, the Cold Matter gang approached us to build an identity to help launch them into the highly competitive galaxy in the coffee universe. Harnessing the power of their brew, we worked together to identify their goals, study the market, develop a strategy and create an identity that reflected the solemn oath they made to brandish the power of caffeine, responsibly.

Devout caffeine enthusiasts ourselves, we embraced the challenge to create a cult coffee brand that would amass a cult like following. This journey lead us into a deep dive of all things occult. Like staring into a bill of currency too long, the icon layers reference points for the all seeing eye, pyramids, vintage science, ice cubes and sacred geometry. Oh and of course coffee beans and the sweet liquid they release. As a result, the brand identity is playful, engaging and driven by their unique market position.

Understanding the comprehensive range of materials needed to launch a new business, we set about equipping Cold Matter with all the ingredients necessary to stand out in the over-populated Cosmos that is the bean juice industry. Services delivered included the development of a brand strategy, visual identity, verbal identity, copywriting, packaging, stationary, marketing material, signage, mobile bar wrap, POS materials and a playful splash page website.