Fringe World Festival 2017 Billboard Artwork Fringe World Festival 2017 Billboard Artwork

Fringe World Festival 2017

Arts + Entertainment / Not For Profit
Branding: Visual Identity / Marketing: Digital / Marketing: Print
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The Fringe World Festival 2017 Brief
Accessible & welcoming, quintessentially Westralian, summer, cold beers, laughter, outdoors, relaxed, backyard BBQ, cool-ish, a bit daggy in a “dad joke” kind of way (where everyone is in on the joke), exciting, fun, a little bit nostalgic, escapism from political or economic stress, simpler times, getting loose & getting tanned, psychedelic freedom and good times.

After 3 years of utilising a suite of illustrated patterns as the key supporting creative in the brand identity kit, Fringe World Festival 2017 felt like a good time to try something new. Without any kind of roadmap on how to go about it, we set about to create what we would later call a 'responsive illustration', something we revisited in our 2019 campaign approach.

To achieve this, we built out an illustrated scene with special consideration to foreground, mid ground, background and edge framing elements so the illustration could respond to the changing dimensions of any given touchpoint — much like a responsive website does! Each part had to be considered as to how it would be effected by the changing dimensions of different touchpoints, with some elements being covered up as the touchpoint became cropped or framing elements shifted about. This was an exciting and challenging approach for us but one that produced one of our favourite seasons yet.

Scope of Work
144 Page Print Publication, Festival Branding, Responsive Campaign Illustration, Pennants, Patches, Fringe Fund Branding, Pleasure Garden Branding, Fringe Central Branding, Friends of Fringe Branding, Website Reskin, Social Media Templates, Lanyards with Maps, Dump Bin Wrap, Print Maps, Print + Digital Advertisement, and Billboards.

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