Junction Records

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Branding: Strategy / Branding: Verbal Identity / Branding: Visual Identity / Marketing: Print

For 30+ years, Junction Records has been around in one form or another and is considered the go-to record store for cult collectors and bargain hunters. However, the store's offering has changed over the years, and when the new owners, Sam and Stu, asked us to come on board and help shape their new brand identity, the answer was a resounding hell yes.

Whilst Mills Records and Record Finder are both in prime locations with excellent street frontage, Junction is a store you have to work a little harder to find. Located amongst the nail salons, weed paraphernalia shops, Cash Converters and abandoned stores, Junction is a place of discovery and reward if you're game. As if that wasn't enough, dealing with second-hand goods is a practice enshrined in dealing with dodgy characters and suspicious bargain hunters.

So we decided to lean into it. We figured we'd embrace the weirdos and celebrate being the underground but do it in a way that's actually really inclusive and welcoming. Just enough edge to make it exciting but not so cool it alienates the lunch crowd.

Taking inspiration from Robert Crumb, the king of the underground, we wanted to reference his iconic illustration and typography style but remix it with a contemporary colour palette. So three hero illustrations were created to represent different aspects of the brand positioning. The feature illustration is a vision of 'music city' — a love song to the City of Fremantle, as a jiving superorganism.

A magic doorway icon was created to parody the experience people often have when walking past the store for the first time and barely being able to see more than the doorway from the outside. The moment where curiosity meets concern, and they ask themself — I wonder what's in there?

Scope of work:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
  • Stationery
  • Merchandise
  • Photography