La Grande Dame Pattern

La Grande Dame

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Nestled in the south-west of France, just short of the Pyrenees mountains that frame the Spanish border sits a small village by the name of Araux. At the centre of that village, on a 3.8HA estate is an iconic 19th Century French 'Maison de Maitre'. Now, it is affectionately known as La Grande Dame. The estate has gained much attention in the community since owners Jim and Lisa Bond have lovingly restored the house and its grounds.

When developing the brand identity, we felt it was important to acknowledge the classical tone of the building. We wanted the brand to offer some sincerity as to the nature of the renovation, with contemporary facilities and improved materials being integrated into the upgrade.

Our solution utilises a customised script logotype that balances nostalgia with contemporary letterforms optimised for clarity. A magnolia pattern was created as an acknowledgement to the flowers that blossom through the estate gardens. Additionally, a monogram was crafted from the owner's initials for use on select touchpoints.