Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Calendar Suite Cover by Studio Papa

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

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We’ve been working with the good folks at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre since 2013. As the largest arts centre between Perth and Albany, ManPAC is an important hub for the people of Mandurah, the Peel region, the South West region and sometimes beyond. With a dynamic program of music, theatre, circus, physical theatre, dance, festivals, film, visual arts, workshops, outreach, community engagement, youth and children’s events — the centre offers equal serves of entertainment and enlightenment to it's visitors. As lovers of the arts, we're proud to work with an organisation that plays such a key role in the cultural preservation and development of our state.

Over the years we’ve designed an extensive range of communication materials, logos, signage and publications as their brand has grown. At the core of the work is the production of a large format newspaper, promoting the full range of programming on offer for the calendar quarter. In support of this, several sub-brands exist with their own programs to promote a curated selection of the full program.

Having a suite of sub-brands in the brand architecture, we had to consider how the visual identity would unify all marketing material, pull back for more conservative programming, step up for more adventurous programming, and be flexible and respectful to different types of imagery or creative supplied by artists.