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    Need to know about our strategic branding, where to send beer samples or simply want to say hello? Contact us on the telephone or send us an electronic letter.

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    E info@studiopapa.com.au

    T 0413 824 055

    Highgate, Western Australia


    If you’re interested in working together, contact us with your enquiry and how you heard about us. If it’s strategic branding, creative logo design or marketing materials, let us know. We’ll shoot you back the relevant form and get this show on the road.

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      Q: Where does the name Studio Papa come from?
      A: Once upon a time Marcus used to run an alt-country music night called Papa was a Rodeo. Unfortunately some say he was so ahead of his time that Perth wasn’t ready for the majesty that is pedal steel and the event was what would traditionally be considered ‘a failure’. Whilst the events may have faded in people’s memory, Marcus’ reputation for putting on the events did not, and the moniker of Papa followed him into a new career, which thankfully he is better at.

      Q: How big is your team?
      A: Our family has a flexible size and we bring in different family members to suit the project at hand. If you’re after strategic branding, we’ll make sure we Voltron together the best team for you.

      Q: Are you guys really a family?
      A: In the spiritual sense, we’re all one big family.

      Q: Do I get the working files if I hire you to design something?
      A: It depends on the brief and discussion we’ve had at the start of the project, as well as the terms of the quote. We don’t automatically incorporate this into the budget, nor do we generally transfer these at the end of the job. If you’ve specifically requested to own the working files, and/or the Intellectual Property, then we can allow for this in our initial brief and estimate. Our prices are informed by the time taken on a project but, more importantly, the value to design and assemble your item based on the skills, experience and assets we’ve acquired over many years. If you have a need for the files, let us know up front and we’ll price it up for you.

      Q: I’m a client with a project I’d like to discuss that’s good for the community, has a flexible timeline and a healthy budget. How do I reach you?
      A: Please send us an email with an urgent status titled ‘Unicorn’ and we will get back to you immediately.

      Q: What’s your design process?
      A: It’s part of our secret sauce. If you send us an enquiry let’s chat about what you’re cooking and work out the right sauce for your project.

      Q: What’s the difference between a font and a typeface?
      A: Disambiguation.

      Q: Can I get the fonts from my project.
      A: Sorry friend. Put simply — they’re not ours to give. If you’re on a FAQ bender we recommend checking out Hoefler & Co’s FAQ on Licensing & Usage. Different foundries have different rules but this is a great place to start.

      Q: Are you interested in participating in our free pitch/design competition? Can you at least describe some concept ideas if you can’t supply designs?
      A: We’re afraid not. As members of AGDA we’re strictly forbidden to participate in this kind of thing, even when the project sounds great. Plus we don’t want to, it’s a dirty practice and that’s not how we roll.

      Q: Do you offer internships/work experience?
      A: We’re currently not in a position to take on any interns. We hope to do so in the future. Watch this space.

      Q: What’s with all the horseshoe magnets?
      A: We help folks get lucky by aligning their communication material and magnetising their brands.

      Q: How many concepts do I get with my design project?
      A: Every project is custom so it depends on the particulars of the brief we’ve discussed and the scope of the quote we’ve supplied for you. If you have a number in mind let us know up front and we’ll price it up for you.

      Q: Why does design cost so much?
      A: It’s like buying a car. You can get a bargain sometimes but you might not get very far with it. We want you to go far.

      Q: What kind of clients do you work with?
      A: Good ones. We do a lot of work with people who help make our community a better, more interesting place to live with more things to do and see. It’s a privilege to be a part of their story.

      Q: What kind of clients don’t you work with?
      A: Anyone who hurts our community.

      Q: Where are you located?
      A: In Perth at an undisclosed location, but also here and there a bit too.

      Q: I’m getting 3 quotes, will you price match my best offer and beat it by $10?
      A: Sorry, not our thing.

      Q: Do you have a privacy policy?
      A: Doesn’t everyone? Check ours out here.

      Q: What the heck is strategic branding?
      A: It’s branding that’s built on a foundation of knowledge about the client, their industry and their ideal target market! Simple really, but not something everyone does. We like to take the time to get to know you and your business before we decide what it should look like and the personality it needs to convey.